How-to: Selling Your Book On The Kindle Platform Of Amazon

Selling Your Book On The Kindle Platform Of Amazon

Choosing Amazon for publishing your digital book

You have finished the formatting and correction of your digital book, and now all that remains is to decide which platform you want to distribute it on. Among the plethora, why choose Amazon? Just because you do not really have a choice, my friend! Not because any law forces you to choose the services of this website, but because it will be the only means of reaching proud buyers of the Kindle, hence a great part of digital readers. So obviously, it is difficult to pass on Amazon’s side.

How to publish your book on Amazon

Well, I have to confess something to you; the title of this part is very inexact. As one does not publish his book on Amazon, but puts it online on Kindle Direct Publishing, which, let’s admit, is clearly classier!



Connect on KDP: The first stage will be connecting to the KDP platform, which you can do starting from this page. To be able to use the services of Kindle Direct Publishing, you have to possess or create an Amazon account and accept general conditions of KDP.

Configure your account: Before being able to publish anything, you should configure your account, indicating at least your name, surname, and address for receiving your payments by check, or the details of your bank account (IBAN, BIC, the name of the bank) for payments via transfers.

Click on « Add a new title »: Then, the publication of a book on KDP becomes as easy as pie. When you are logged in to your account, it is as simple as clicking on “Add a new title”, and then consult the form of your text. I will list below the different fields to complete in each of the rubrics of the creation of a book.

Kindle Direct Publishing: The « Library » part of KDP allows you to configure your books.

The method of import of your book is rather simple as there is a series of fields to fill in:

Rubric “Your book”: Title of the book, Title of the series, Number of edition, Name of the editor, Contributors, Language, Date of publication, Description, ISBN, Rubrics, Keywords, and Cover Image.

The above list of fields is stated here as indicators, the majority of these fields is optional. Nonetheless, pay attention to the choice of the description ( the digital equivalent of a fourth of the cover), rubrics in which your book appears as well as the cover image. It is in the part “Your book” that you will have to download the digital format of your text. Amazon accepts numerous formats but recommends the use of HTML, which is not necessarily evident. Whatever the format of your book, it will automatically be converted to “Kindle format” which you will have noticed after the conversion. I invite you to read Amazon’s indications directly on KDP so that your file becomes as optimized as possible.

You equally have the possibility of subscribing to the Kindle Select option which allows you to promote your book: 5 days of promotion every 3 months (free of charge or a reduction in the price).

Rubric “Rights and price”: Territories of publication, Royalty fees, Price

This second rubric allows you to define the rights and price of your book. You choose (as per the rights that you possess on the text) to publish the text internationally, or only on certain territories. Amazon permits equally to determine the royalty fees. You either receive 35% of the duty-free price, or 70%. I obviously recommend you to be inclined to the royalty fee at 70%! Simply know that this imposes certain limits (the royalty fee at 70% is not available in all the territories; your text should cost a price of minimum $2.99 to be eligible to this royalty, etc.). All you have to do then is fix the price on every territory of publication. It is possible for you to index the set of prices to a US price in $.

Once all the fields are completed, your book downloaded and converted, you can finally publish it on the Kindle platform! It will take from 12 to 72 hours for the site to control your publication before putting it online. When this time limit passes, your digital book should be available on Amazon!


Advantages of Amazon

  • Inevitable for selling your book to the users of Kindle.
  • A complete, well-designed platform, with a possibility to create an author profile.
  • The great popularity of the platform, and potentially a vast “public”.


The drawbacks of Amazon

You subscribe to a rather closed system, but can we do otherwise?

A very “commercial” side of the platform, numerous appeals for some services and programs (example: the KDP Select which, against some advantages, forces you to leave your text on Amazon only for a period of 90 days).

The price that you fix is duty-free. Sure, there is just a little calculation to do, but this can lead to insane prices.

This is the conclusion for the presentation/tutorial of KDP! At present, you should be capable of publishing your digital books on Amazon without any problems! If you have any question or need a clarification, the comments are there for this. The next article in this series will be dedicated to the platform of Kobo.